Eden Energy Medicine Foundation Classes

Eden Energy Medicine Foundation Classes


The EEM Foundations Classes are designed to teach students the fundamental principles and methods of Eden Energy Medicine. Year 1 consists of Classes 1-4 of the EEM Foundations program.



Class One

Principles of Energy Medicine
Energy Testing

  • Energy testing: Precautions
  • Energy testing: Pre-checks and Guidelines
  • Energy testing: Self testing

Eden Energy Exercises

  • Basic Daily Energy Routine
  • Additional Core Exercises
  • Staying Grounded

Introduction to Meridians

  • Yin and Yang
  • Introduction to the Five Rhythms
  • The Five Rhythms Cycle
  • Meridian Flow Wheel

Influencing Meridian Energies

  • The Meridian Cycle and Meridian Tracing
  • Meridian Tracing Instructions and Figures
  • Flushing a Meridian
  • Beginning and Ending points
  • Neurolymphatic Reflex Points

A Powerful Protocol: Quickie Energy Balance

A Powerful Protocol: Brazilian Toe Technique

Pointers on Touch that is Therapeutic


  • Overview of the Ethics Handbook
  • Guidelines for Touching a Client

Introducing the Energy Medicine Session

  • Energy Tracking the Meridians



Class Two

The Five Rhythms: Part II

  • Five Rhythms and the Human Psyche
  • Determining a Person’s Primary and Secondary Rhythm
  • Physical Characteristics and the Rhythms
  • The 5 Rhythms and the Human Body
  • Rhythms Out of Balance
  • Rhythms Combinations of Famous People

The Meridians

  • Alarm Points and their Use
  • Testing for Over and Under EnergiesCorrecting Meridians that are Out of Balance
    • Using Alarm Points in Determining Over or Under Energy
    • Meridian Energy Tests: Spleen, Triple Warmer, Gallbladder, Liver, Lung, Kidney, and Large Intestine
  • The Meridian Flow Wheel
  • Acupressure Strengthening and Sedating Points
  • The Three-Point Technique
  • A Note on Following Instructions Precisely

Neurovascular Reflex Points

  • Using the Main Neurovascular Points
  • Using the Individual Neurovascular Points
  • The Neurovascular Points
  • The Black Pearl Sanctuary

Using Magnets for Energy Correction and Assessment

  • Properties of a Magnet
  • Magnet Cautions and Sensitivities
  • Polarities of a Magnet
  • Working with Magnets and Alternatives

Triple Warmer and Spleen

  • TW Fast Facts
  • Physical Conditions
  • Emotional/Psychological Conditions
  • Good News about TW
  • Exercises to Balance TW and Spleen

Reactive Energies

  • Introduction to Irregular Energies
  • Three Types of Irregular Energies
  • Irregular Energies in Alarm Points

Vivaxin Syndrome

Energy Medicine for Eyes

  • Basic Eye and Vision Energy Support
  • The Tibetan Eye Chart
  • Daily Eye Energy Hygiene
  • Common Eye Problems


Class 2 EEM Tracker Sessions

Class Three

Testing Meridian Energy

  • Meridian Energy Tests: Circulation-Sex, Stomach, Heart, Small Intestine, Bladder, Central, and Governing
  • The Pulse Test
  • Surrogate Testing
  • Beginning Substance Testing

Five Elements – Part III

  • Working with Rhythms Out of Balance
  • Star Diagnostic
  • Five Rhythms/Five Basic Emotions
  • Five Rhythms NV Points
  • Five Rhythm Exercises
  • The Starfish Connection

The Auric Field

  • Qualities of the Auric Field
  • Celtic Weave Energies/Tibetan Energy Rings
  • When to Work with the Auric Field
  • How to Correct, Strengthen, Clear, Heal, & Support the Aura
  • Assessing and Correcting Specific Problems in the Aura

Irregular Energies (Part II)

  • Three Types of Irregular Energies
  • Irregular Energies Affecting the Whole Body
  • Irregular Energies in a Meridian’s Flow
  • Irregular Energies in a Meridian’s Acupoints
  • Irregular Energies in Muscles
  • When Irregular Energies are Stubborn
  • Stabilizing Corrections of Irregular Energies

Source Points

  • Using Source Points
  • Deeper Uses of Source Points
  • Source Points for Specific Uses

Ethics and Legal Class 3 EEM Tracker Session



Class Four

Sensory Types: The Energies of Love

  • Chakras and the Energy They Carry
  • Chakra Clearing and Balancing
  • Preparing for Working with the Chakras
  • Testing Individual Chakras
  • Irregular Energy in Chakras
  • Clearing, Balancing, Strengthening Chakras
  • Techniques for Connecting the Chakras

Introduction to Radiant Circuits

  • The Nature of the Radiant Circuitsbr> A Brief History of the Radiant Energies
  • Reasons to Focus on the Radiant Energies
  • Three Easy Turn-Ons
  • The Individual Radiant Circuits: Checking and Correcting
  • Tracing the Radiant Circuits
  • Anchor and Wander Technique
  • Additional Techniques for Turning on the Radiant Circuits
  • Building Radiant Circuits: Resiliency Under Stress

Energy Medicine and Pain

  • Basic EEM Techniques for Working with Pain
  • Localized Pain
  • Dispersed Pain
  • Magnets and Pain
  • Meridians and Pain
  • Tooth Pain
  • EEM and Pain Summary

Class 4 EEM Session and Pain Tracking