Energy Medicine Practitioner

Energy Medicine Practitioner

Camille’s fascination with energy led her to not only appreciate and understand how energy works, but helped her to develop her own unique style. Camille balances energy patterns of the body back to its natural state of health and wholeness.. She uses direct intention and electromagnetic fields of energy as healing tools to achieve results never thought possible,  

Camille taps into a vibrational frequency that is full of information specific to the client, This energy influences the body to utilize its own energy to flow in its own perfectly-designed pattern. When this perfect flow is established, the body can produce whatever it needs, including producing its own medicine (healing) and achieving balance.

Camille’s energy work is new software for the body – enabling one to better metabolize and integrate food, emotions, ideas and new habits. Her energy work helps clients to better adapt to ever-increasing social, environmental and technological demands.

Camille has studied advanced Pranic Healing with Master Co, Matrix Energetics and The Reconnection.  She is a certified Donna Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner and is currently on the faculty for that program.

Camille Pipolo and
Donna Eden

Spiritual Practitioner

Camille, after years of various spiritual studies, became a licensed Spiritual Practitioner of the Agape International Spiritual Centre in 1999.

In these powerful sessions, individuals share their experiences, stories, challenges, and/or desired goals. Camille uses spiritual mind treatment entering an energetic vibration that anchors her awareness in the essential perfection and oneness with all of life. It is from this state of awareness the client is assisted in realizing the spiritual truth about their life. Whatever old  beliefs or story that is creating a limited energetic is revealed
allowing the perfect solution from within the client to emerge.

A counseling session is usually one hour and can be conducted in person or by phone.

Michael Beckwith founder
of Agape International
Spiritual Center

Massage Therapist -Body Worker, LMT

When Camille experienced her first massage it changed her life! She had just received her BA in Physical Education and was also sculpting in stone. Chiseling stone was hard physical work, so when a friend offered to treat her to a massage she seized the opportunity. While receiving the massage, she had a vision of her next sculpture. Not only that, Camille also had a vision of herself sculpting another’s body much in the same way her body was being sculpted in that moment.

Her body felt more rested than it had been for  a long time;
she was energized, happy, and excited about the future.  Already having extensive knowledge about the body, it wasn’t long before Camille’s abilities as a massage therapist emerged along with her clientele.

As a massage therapist, Camille found a deeper relationship working with the body; one that opens the door to the mind and reveals the soul. The body is continually changing and adapting to the environment and its own internal needs. Working with a clients muscle and soft tissue reveals the information and experiences that are held in the body.

Camille applies numerous combinations of therapeutic touch techniques to unlock frozen and hypotonic structures. Using such techniques frees memories held in the muscle that no longer serve a purpose. The physiological benefits are many, for example: muscle softening, increased circulation, greater flexibility, greater joint mobility, deep relaxation and clarity of thought. As a result, clients begin to see their own mind/body relationship.

Each session is unique and is sacred in it’s own form.